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Discount Store ✔✔✔ Solo Stove Campfire Stove

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  • Air intake holes on the bottom of the stove channels air to the bottom of the fire while at the same time, channel warm air up between the walls of the stove
  • Preheated oxygen feeds back into firebox through smaller holes at the top, causing secondary combustion and allowing fire to burn more completely and with less smoke
  • Cooking ring directs heat up and toward the center of your pot for maximized efficiency; also acts as a windscreen while still allowing oxygen to fuel the flame
  • The entire cooking ring can be packed into the stove body for compact storage
  • Vent holes near the top of the burn chamber allow preheated oxygen to fuel the flame, resulting in more complete combustion and a hotter fire with less smoke
  • Nichrome wire grate allows oxygen to be fed directly to embers from below, helping to burn biofuel faster and hotter while allowing spent ash to fall out of the process
  • Ash pan catches loose ash and prevents it from clogging vital airflow; ash pan also acts as a heat shield and prevents your Bonfire from scorching the ground beneath it
  • Rising hot air and the absence of oxygen created by the combustion process pull air through the bottom vent holes
  • This air movement fuels the fire at its base and boosts preheated air through vent holes at the top of the burn chamber

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