Hot Sale - C.A.M.P. USA Tricam EVO - Set of 4

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Hot Sale - C.A.M.P. USA Tricam EVO - Set of 4

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  • Updated set includes all 4 sizes (instead of previous 3 sizes) for more versatile placement possibilities
  • Tricams have been updated with stiffer sewing on the slings than on previous versions to make 1-handed placement and removal easier
  • When used in passive mode as a chock, tricams can fit a wide variety of crack types, from flaring to uneven
  • Camming mode results in a tripod configuration that works well in parallel cracks, slight flares and horizontal cracks
  • C.A.M.P. USA Tricams are made from hardened anodized aluminum for lasting service and reliability; sizes are color-coded for easy identification in your rack

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