Hot Sale - DMM Wallnut Set # 1-6

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Hot Sale - DMM Wallnut Set # 1-6

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  • Each size nut is individually designed and heat-treated to balance bite and strength; smaller nuts are forged from a harder alloy to minimize chances of shearing out
  • Curved and tapered face and sides let you place the nut in 2 different orientations to better fit a wide variety of cracks
  • Grooved faces reduce weight, help the nut seat better in cracks and improve security in shallow placements
  • Anodized color coding and numbered sizes make it easy to find the nut you're looking for at a glance; colors are compatible with other nut brands so you can mix and match
  • Galvanized steel wire is stiff enough for overhead placements but flexible enough to minimize the chance of being lifted out
  • Holes in the nut heads are radiused and countersunk to reduce bending stress on each wire

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