Hot Sale - Petzl RAD System

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Hot Sale - Petzl RAD System

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  • Kit includes 30m of RAD Line 6mm cord, 3 Sm'D screw-lock carabiners, 1 Tibloc rope clamp/grab ascender, 1 Micro Traxion progress-capture pulley and 1 St'Anneau 120cm sling
  • 30m RAD Line is a flexible 6mm cord with rough-textured sheath for excellent handling and descent control when rappelling, and to aid in braking when arresting a crevasse fall
  • Hyperstatic RAD Line has less than 2% elongation, facilitating rescue maneuvers and eliminating the yo-yo effect during rappels or fall arrest in a crevasse
  • Equipment is contained in a compact storage bag that's designed for easy access and quick action
  • Cord is folded for immediate use, eliminating risk of knots or twists
  • 2 loops on the exterior of the pouch make it easy to attach it to your harness or inside your backpack
  • Sewn webbing loops on the top of the bag enable attachment of all components of the kit
  • Ice screw holder on the outside of the pouch

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