Hot Sale - Pieps Micro BT Button Avalanche Transceiver

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Hot Sale - Pieps Micro BT Button Avalanche Transceiver

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  • Vibration-based warning that triggers upon reception of the first signal lets rescuers focus on visual search during the signal search
  • 3-antenna system provides a maximum circular receiving range for higher accuracy
  • Pieps app and Bluetooth® connectivity allow easy wireless device management
  • Exact signal processing provides precise marking without any performance loss
  • Interference protection eliminates external interference or reduces it to a minimum
  • Smart iProbe feature lets you temporarily deactivate a signal and automatically receive the next strongest signal
  • In case of an avalanche burial, the Search-to-Send function automatically switches from Search mode to Transmit mode if the beacon is not moving for a certain period of time
  • Group Check reviews the activity and transmission parameters of the partner devices; Pieps recommends you perform a group check before each tour
  • Water-repellent design
  • Comes with a hard case

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