Hot Sale - Soto Amicus Stove Cookset Combo

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Hot Sale - Soto Amicus Stove Cookset Combo

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  • Cookset includes 1 small pot (500 ml) and 1 large pot (1,000 ml) for cooking pastas, scrambles and more; small pot doubles as a lid for the large pot
  • Stove operates with reliable triple O-ring valve system; compact and lightweight design is easy to transport
  • Unique raised ledge at crown of burner head increases performance in windy conditions
  • 4 spring-loaded, pot-support legs are engineered for easy setup and pot stability
  • Stove weighs just 2.9 oz. and is compatible with standard isobutane canisters such as Primus, Snow Peak, MSR and Jetboil (canister sold separately)
  • Stove outputs 11,000 BTUs and burns approx.1.5 hours with 8 oz. (250g) fuel canister
  • Stove is outfitted with a stealth igniter, letting you light the stove without use of matches or a lighter
  • Fuel not included
  • Note: Fuel canister and serving utensil pictured are not included; they are shown in product photo to illustrate the ability to nest these items

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